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Cleaning Fine Bedding Drapes and Line Service in Dubai Marina

Comforter Cleaning Services

Depending on the given type of comforter and the quality of substance that is used to fill it , different methods can be embraced. Blossom cleaners do ensure that your comforters are cleaned as thoroughly as possible. For instance, Drying of down is done in an over-sized front-loading tumbler. The airflow in this dryer is far superior in comparison to home dryers, and will be able to fully dry the filling without leaving any odor behind.

Quilt Cleaning Service

In addition to comforter cleaning, at Blossom Cleaners we do provide a high-quality quilt cleaning service. All quilts brought to our dry cleaners are usuallytreated with utmost care to ensure desired out come.. Our quilt cleaners do determine the length to make sure it is returned to you the exact length it was when you entrusted it to us. Quilts do receive a proper but gentle cleaning in a clean solvent to ascertain that your colors stay bright. Upon completion of our quilt cleaning service, the quilts are steamed and measured to make sure it is still its correct length and shape.

Bed & Table Linen Cleaning Service

Blossom cleaning service provides extreme care for both your table linens and bed linens. Our linen cleaners do have all the required skills. They do inspect and pre-spot all linens just before washing. At Blossom cleaners, we do have what it takes to get the most common table linen stains such as wine, coffee, and gravy out, and rejuvenate your linen just like it was brand new! When we are through with washing, we check for remaining spots .Finally, our linen cleaning service hand presses all items on a flat iron and we then package the linens with care in the best possible way.

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